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Carp tackle from Korda, Shimano, Nash, Avid, ESP, Fox, Daiwa, Greys, Chub, Wychwood, Reuben Heaton, Enterprise, Trakker and more ...
Coarse tackle from Drennan, Korum, Preston, Daiwa, Leeda, Maver, Sonubaits, MAP, Kamasan, Maxima, Shimano and more ...
Sea tackle from Zziplex, Century, Daiwa, Kamasan, Ultima, Breakaway, Mustad, Ammo Baits, Fox, Gemeni, Shimano, Abu, Akios
Game tackle from Wychwood, Cortland, Leeda, Turrell, Wetcell, Aircell, Shimano and more ...
Luggage from Korum, Greys, Chub, nash, Map, Drennan, Mission, Wychwood, Preston and more ...
Clothing by Sundridge, Preston, Map, Leeda, Mustad, Avid, Shimano, tribal, Esp, Drennan, Nash, Snowbee, Skeetex, Korda and more ...
Lamps and spares from Petromax, Anchor, Hipolito, Coleman, Magnalux, Optimus, Primus, Tilley, Primus and more ...
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Frequently asked questions about us and our policies.
Where am I ? - How did I get here ? - I was looking for www.tackle247.com

Dont Panic !

Firstly this webpage has NOT been hijacked or sold to someone else. Tackle247 is simply the name we use at Maidstone Angling Centre for our online sales.

We have been listening to feedback from our online customers and reviewing the effectiveness of our sales website and have decided to take a different tack to see if we can offer what our customers have been asking for in a better way with a few changes. A large amount of our online sales through the Tackle247 website were related to pressure lamp spares and it's not always easy to know exactly what part you need when ordering from a page and often we can save you some time and money if we get to talk your problem through with you. We are told that our advice via email is very useful but we are certain that we can do an even better job over the phone but don't worry, we will still reply to your emails if that suits you better.

If you are looking for mail order tackle then please ring us on 01622-677326 and if you want to buy your tackle online then please check our eBay Store. Be sure to check our feedback to see how quickly we can get tackle out to you.

lamp spares
     We stock many spares for your Petromax or Hipolito pressure lamp and we supply the most common spares for Relum Magnalux, Tilley, Optimus, Coleman, Bi Aladdin & Vapalux. - Mantles, jets, needles, vaporisers, generator, lenses / glasses.

Please phone us on 01622-677326 for all lamp enquiries.
Who are we ?

Maidstone Angling Centre has been trading exclusively as a tackle shop for over 28 years and during this time we have seen many changes.

Every member of staff here at Maidstone Angling Centre is a keen angler and between us we have a great deal of experience in many different disciplines of the sport but we also have many customers who are great anglers who often share their tips and knowledge with us.

There is nothing we like more than helping people to catch fish they never would have and try techniques and venues they would never have thought of so give us a shout if you think we can help.

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